Jingle Jingle Cookie Mingle

Let’s get creative and throw a cookie party! Here’s everything you’ll need, including our tips & tricks, recipes, free DIY printable crafts, and matching Fred Meyer PhotoShare invites & gift ideas.

The #1 rule for a cookie party is to have fun!

Here are two tried-and-tested party ideas—the first focuses on socializing, the second on creativity—both involve cookies…pretty much making this the best party you’ll EVER throw.

1. Cookie Swap: Each guest bakes their favorite recipe, bringing 1 dozen cookies for each person in attendance, plus an additional dozen for sampling. Everyone leaves with a variety of cookies, and plenty of new recipes.

2. A Cookie Decorating Party: The host pre-bakes cut sugar cookies for guests to decorate, sample and take home (we recommend 6-10 baked cookies per person).

Here’s your Fred Meyer cookie decorating Shopping List:

• A variety of large and small cookie cutter shapes, as smaller cookies are perfect for light snackers and kids…and don’t forget, kids love to help roll out and cut the dough.

• Cookie icing with tips & decorating gels (we recommend 2-3 of each color for a party of 6+ guests), plus an assortment of sprinkles. If decorating with kids, monitor usage of larger sprinkles (like silver balls) to avoid teeth-challenging edibles.

• Buttercream frosting tinted with food coloring drops (make two bowls each of the most popular colors, such as white, red, blue and green).

• Bowls with spoons for sharing frosting—use recyclable ones for easier clean up.

• Individual plates, knives and toothpicks for each guest to decorate with.

• Paper towels or wet naps for frosting mishaps—especially with kids.

• A recyclable tablecloth for simple, post-decorating cleaning.



Get the party started with our irresistible invitations & matching thank you card. Drop by any Fred Meyer PhotoShare Center or find them online: Cookie Platter Invite | Cookie Swap Invite | Yummy Thanks Thank You.

TIP: If you’re throwing a Cookie Swap Party, include guest instructions for cookie quantities and flavors.


Here are a few options for building your cookie cornucopia. Party planning has never been so scrumptious.

We’ve been perfecting this recipe for over 30 years, and we can say with all confidence that NO ONE can resist it’s buttery siren call.


Looking for a variety of cookies? Fred Meyer has you covered! Check out these Signature Cookie recipes:

Peppermint Pinwheels
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Ginger Whoopie Pies
Brownie Macaroons

SHORTCUT: Our bakery offers a variety of delicious ready-made cookies, which means less time baking and more time sampling.

1. We’ve put all of these recipes in a handy Recipe Book PDF.

2. Capture recipe yumminess with our Cookie Recipe Cards. We’ve also included the Fred Meyer Signature recipes.

3. Puppies love cookies too! In celebration of OHS’s Fred Meyer Santa Paws Pet Portrait Event, we’ve created a special Bacon Peanut Butter Cookie. You’ll find it in our recipe book & card PDFs…and don’t forget to stop by the Fred Meyer holiday pet aisle for all those good boys & girls.


The ‘pièce de résistance’ of your party planning is your cookie display.

Whichever party you choose, prepare your largest table with festive platters, bowls and cake stands to hold each guest’s cookie contribution—you’ll find everything you need in our holiday and baking aisles at your favorite Fred Meyer.

Add zest to your table decor with our matching cookie toppers, plate & gift tags, and ornaments.

  1. Spice up your holiday treats with our printable Cookie Toppers
  2. Label your cookies with love using our Plate & Gift Tags We’ve also included tags for the Fred Meyer Signature Recipes.
  3. These simple DIY Cookie Ornaments will liven up any table display (or tree).

Prepare a to-go table with decorative bags, boxes or plates, twine, ribbon & tissue paper, so your guests can easily package their cookies to take home.

Before guests snag their share of sugary goodness, take a photo of your display table—it’s a colorful memory and a great image for your cookie party thank you card.

:: Light, savory snacks will offset the inevitable sugar rush. Check out Fred Meyer Signature appetizer recipes.
:: Coffee, tea and water compliment cookies nicely—for an adult decorating party, create a signature cocktail to fuel creativity!

Want a more lasting memory (other than the yummy deliciousness of cookies)? Stop by your favorite Fred Meyer PhotoShare Center to create unique party and holiday wall art.



We’ve got some amazing kitchen & baking-related photo gifts waiting for you at any Fred Meyer PhotoShare Center store:

  1. A matching Cookie Mingle Mug (we’ve got one of each character) filled with your delicious cookies is always a welcomed party parting gift (or stocking stuffer).
  2. Kitchen Wall Décor is a gift that’ll last the whole year.
  3. If you’re looking for more photo gift ideas and cards, our helpful Holiday Gift Guide has tons of suggestions to suit every holiday style.


The Fred Meyer Fund is able to focus on eliminating hunger through our Hunger Reduction Grants and Perishable Donation Program. Make a donation.

Learn more about how Fred Meyer’s parent company, Kroger, is Bringing Hope to the Table.


Download Printables:
Recipe Book PDF
Cookie Recipe Cards
Cookie Toppers
Plate & Gift Tags
Cookie Ornaments

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