Senior Portraits Tips

High school senior portraits capture the soon-to-be grad’s most exciting time in life and are great to share with friends and family. We love that you can get multiple uses out of them; announcements, thank you cards, grad décor, graduation gifts, just to name a few options. Check our top 5 tips and tricks to taking the best senior portraits!

Be Prepared
Create a Pinterest board of shots that you would like to re-create and share with your photographer. This gives both parties a great opportunity to bounce ideas off one another prior to the photo session.
Location Matters
Find a location that has several backdrop options to choose from. Avoid locations that are busy and cluttered.

Outfits- The More Options the Better
Bring multiple outfits to your session to give yourself several options to choose from. Outfits that compliment your background or display school pride are perfect for senior shots.

  • Plan out your outfits the night before and have them ready to go on hangers when you leave
  • Choose outfits that are casual, formal, and semi-formal
  • Remember that these shots are full lengths photos and you will want to make sure that your shoes are just as nice as your outfit
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum
  • Girls: be conservative with makeup; let your natural beauty shine!

Add some dimension to your photos by incorporating props to showcase your personality. If you are in band, include your instrument, or wear your uniform if you’re an athlete. It’s a great to include a playful addition to your photos.

Be Natural
Traditional poses are so out the out, and natural shots are so in! When it comes to posing, try keeping it as natural and effortless as possible.

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