5 Ways to Take Better Better Mobile Photos

More photos are taken on smartphones and digital cameras than ever before. From posting on social media sites to turning into personalized home décor. Photos are a major staple in everyone’s life. Today, we’re giving you 5 tips for taking the best mobile pictures!

Tourists Taking Selfies Don’t overcomplicate your shot by searching or staging the perfect picture. Often the ‘best’ pictures are the spontaneous ones that just happen.

Avoid taking photos via social media apps. Most apps only allow you to take one single shot, compared to your phone, where you can take multiple photos. They also shrink the quality of each photo.

Switch up the angles. This allows you to view your photos from a different perspective. You will be amazed by how a couple different shots in multiple angles can differ.

Do not use the camera zoom or at least try avoid using it. Not only does the quality of the photo decrease, but the image appears grainier. Quite honestly if you want to zoom in on something, just move closer to what you’re taking a photo of.

Use multiple filter on one photo. Save the first filter and then find a second one to add to the picture. If filters aren’t your thing, tweak the contrast, temperature, and brightness of the photo.

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