Photo Snow Globes

Learn how to create a fun and playful photo snow globe out of old jars!


Photo of your choice (the size will depend in the size of the jar; we recommend 4×4 square prints or 4×6 prints)
Jars with lid (clean & dry)
Packing tape
Hot glue gun
Corn syrup, glycerin, or baby oil
Glitter, confetti, “fake snow”, pompoms (basically anything that you want to include in the globes)


Step 1
Prep your photos by laminating them with the clear packing tape. Lay a few pieces of tape (enough to cover the entire surface) both on the front and back of the photos.

Tip: overlap the tape a bit to ensure that the image isn’t damaged by the liquid. Using the scissors, trim the edges.

Step 2
Glue the laminated image on to the lid of the jar.

*The bottom of the image should be glued onto the lid.

Step 3
Now you’re ready to fill your globes with the liquid(s) of your choice. We went with a 50/50 ratio of water and corn syrup because it gave the best “snow globe” effect with our add ins.

Note: If you opt into using baby oil, we receommend adding a few drops of glycerin, as it is tacky enough to slow down the glitter when the globes are shaken.

Step 4
Last but not least, place your add-ins into the jar. Screw the lid on and your snow globes are complete.

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