Holiday Greeting Card Etiquette

Joyous World-Crimson

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with friends and family, which is why millions of holiday cards are sent out ever year. As you prepare to send out your holiday greeting cards, here are some tips to sending cheeryful and merry salutations. 

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Have your Family Photos Ready
The last thing that you want is to be scrambling to schedule time with a photographer to get the “perfect” pictures. You don’t need professional photos for a greeting card. Pictures from a vacation, school pictures, and family outings all look great!

Dancing Snowflakes
Plan Accordingly
Give yourself enough time to choose and design your holiday cards. Tip: Add some variety this year by sending out two different card designs.

Painted Wish

The Early Bird Get the Worm
Plan on creating your holiday greeting cards at least one week before Thanksgiving and have them ready to be sent out by the first week of December. Keep in mind that post offices get backed up with tons of holiday mail. The longer your delay sending out your cards, the more likely that they will not be delivered in time for the holidays.

Bursting Snowflakes

Stay Neutral
If you have some friends and family members that don’t celebrate Christmas, opt to sending them a “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” card.

Retro Holidays

Customize Each Card
Aside from the usual ‘seasons greetings’ generic messgae, don’t forget to include a brief, handwritten note to personalize rach card. Tip: use a funny quote from your favorite holiday movie!

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