The Do’s & Don’ts of Luggage Tags

If you’re planning on traveling during the holiday season, you know that luggage tags are one of the most important travel accessories! Not only do they help you identify your bags on the baggage carousel, but they’re super helpful if your bags are misplaced. Before you set out for your next trip, check out our dos and don’ts of luggage tags.

Travel Tags

What to Include:

  • Name
  • Contact number (mobile only)
  • Alternative phone number (if you plan on having your cellphone off during most of your trip, add a close relative’s number instead)
  • Destination Address & phone number
  • Email address

What not to include:

  • Home address
  • Home phone number


Here are something to consider when making luggage tags:

  • Make two sets of tags, one with detailed information that can be placed inside of your luggage, and another with basic information such as name and phone number to be placed on the outside of your luggage. Exposing too much personal information is basically like you screaming to the public that you are not home. A person is less likely to be targeted for robbery while they are away if they don’t have their home address on their luggage tags.
  • If your luggage is lost, consider putting your destination or work office address on the tags.

Bonus tip! Create a print off with all your information on it that can be placed inside of your bag, on top of your belongings. Just in case your luggage tags fall of for some reason, airport officials will be able to easily find your information another way.

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