Wedding Planning: What They Don’t Tell You

Wedding season will soon be behind us, as the fall-themed wedding are coming to an end. A wedding is a huge life event for anyone. Brides and grooms try to perfect every last detail as best as they can to create the most magical day. But just like life, there are ups and downs. Quite honestly, the best thing one can do it take it with stride and enjoy every good and bad moment. 

We asked a bride planning her October nuptials to give us some advice when it comes to planning a wedding. Here is what she had to say.

You’re going to cry. No matter what, you will come to a breaking point. Just remember to step back and have some “you time”. De-stress with some of your favorite things to do (surf Pinterest for an hour, mani/pedis, watch your favorite show, listen to music, play videogames… you get the idea).

Being the perfectionist that you are, you will want to control and do everything yourself. When your friends and family members say, “let me know if there is anything that I can help with”, they really do mean it! Take them up on their offer and instruct them on how you want things to be done.

As some point, you wil consider eloping and daydream about it more than you will want to admit. Amidst finding the perfect everything, and dealing with family from both sides, you will start to think that a courthouse wedding might be an easier option. Just remember tha you didn’t spend all that time, effort, and money for no reason. Keep on trucking through!

You will get sick of your own wedding. With every weekend being filled with wedding-related task and chores, you will for sure be ready for it to be over. Trust me, after it’s over, you will wish that it didn’t go by so fast.

You will have more than one arguement or debate with your significant other. This is almost inevitable. With the joining of two families, there is bound to be some conflict that arises. Take a breather and talk through the issues.

As difficult as it may seem, the best part of any race is crossing the finish line, right?

To any soon-to-be married couples out there planning a wedding, enjoy every moment of it. Even if there are timest when you are ready to run away, just step back and take some time for yourself…it is worth it in the end!

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