Planning a Marriage Proposal

Every marriage proposal is different from the other. Some are private, while others are public. Whether you want to recreate one that you’ve read about in romance novels or movies, or just a short, sweet “will you marry me”, we’re here to help give you some advice on finding the perfect way to ask the magic four word question. Here are some tips on how to make this special time a moment the love of your life will never forget. 

Autumn outdoor wedding proposal engagement

To Tell or Not to Tell?
This is a huge event in both of your lives! The decision to share it with friends and loved ones will depend on your comfort level.

Do you want to share this with others in a public setting? Friends and family? Or privately between the two of you? The location, again, will depend on your personal preference.

Here’s a tip: Think of places that you both have always wanted to go to (budget-friendly of course). Or even a location where you shared a special moment with each other; the first place you had your first kiss, first date, etc.

Make It Personal
No relationship is the same, which is rule of thumb when it comes to planning a proposal. Keep it as unique as your relationship. If you plan on doing a small intimate proposal incorporate personal piece that will swoon your special someone off their feet.

Here’s a tip: create a unique photo balloon chandelier to display your favorite memories with one another. Simply string your photos to as many balloons as you choose and secure the back of the photos with a solid backing (small wood blocks will work).

Photo Balloon Chandelier

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