How to Take the Best First Day of School Pictures

The first day of school is a special occasion! Document it in a special way with these ‘first day of school’ photo tips! Download our free printable signs to use to capture the best first day of school pictures!


  • Use props with your child’s information (age, grade, favorite food at the moment, what they want to grow up to be)
  • Document their growth from year to year by having them hold a photo from the first day of school from the year before
    Blog Image - First Day of School 2
  • Let the kids, well, be kids. If they don’t want to smile for the pictures, don’t force it. Candid and unplanned moments tend to look the best.
    First Day of School Pictures
  • If your little one is just starting school, create personalized cards to send out to love ones to share this huge milestone, or if you’re short on time or mail them prints of the special occasion.

Find these free ‘first of school’ signs here and don’t forget to check out our Back to School Collection!

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