Photo Wedding Centerpieces

Photo Centerpiece

More and more couples are searching for ways to make their wedding unique and standout from any other. One of our favorite ways to add the right amount of personal touch is with photo.

Photo Centerpiece

Photo centerpieces are very easy to make and not to mention, budget friendly. They can be a great addition or alternative to the traditional floral centerpieces. Here are some of our favorite photo centerpiece ideas:

Your Relationship
Take your guest down memory lane with photos throughout your relationship.

Childhood Memories
Display fun and even embarrassing pictures that guests will enjoy seeing.

Age & Table Numbers
The couple can use photos of themselves at every age that corresponds with the table numbers (age one, table one, age two, table two).

Engagement Photos
Engagement photos are pricey! Put those pictures to good use!

A wedding is a celebration of two families coming together, display your family history of those who are alive and on longer around for guests to view.



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