Photo Staircase Display

Photo Staircase Display

Are you planning a huge graduation party and not sure where to start? Let us help with the decorations!

Photo Staircase Display

Add a touch of uniqueness to your grad party, with this photo staircase display. A festive and fun spin on a traditional collage, guests will enjoy viewing the grad’s favorite memories from school. There’s no better way to congratulate them on their huge achievement, than with an extra special personalized party. We’re sure your grad will love the personal touches and thought that you put into their party!

To make your own photo staircase display, you will need the following:

Cardstock or construction paper

Using cardstock or construction paper as a bordered background to your prints. Attach a variety of images to your staircase using the tape. Here’s a tip, choose paper that will either match the theme of the party or use the grad’s favorite color. Try using images with different orientations to give the display a more free-flowing feel. Attach streamers and balloons for an extra special personalized touch!

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