Personalized Photo Easter Basket

Personalized Easter Basket

Hoppy Easter! Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner! It’s the perfect time to enjoy delicious food, egg hunt with the kids, and of course spend quality time with friends and family. We’ve got an eggcellent Easter activity for your little ones, a personalized Easter bunny!

Personalized Easter Basket


Picture this situation, its Easter Day, the kids have found all their eggs and have thrown everything out of basket onto the ground, and then it starts. The battle. The argument. The “whose basket is this?” fight. We love the idea of having personalized photo Easter baskets for two reasons. One because it is a great way to add an extra customized touch to the kids basket and two, it’s an solution to the dreaded basket dispute.


Not only is this a creative idea, but it also it super easy and budget friendly! Simply select your basket of choice and attach your favorite photo of your little one on to their designated basket.

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