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Holiday Greeting Card Style

Spread cheer this year with custom photo greeting cards! Holiday cards grace fireplace mantles, refrigerator doors, and walls. Moral of the story, they are a huge part of everyone’s holiday tradition that is here to stay. What does your card style say about you? Let us help you choose a card design and photos that match your style! Traditional     Card Style: This is a … Continue reading Holiday Greeting Card Style


The Do’s & Don’ts of Luggage Tags

If you’re planning on traveling during the holiday season, you know that luggage tags are one of the most important travel accessories! Not only do they help you identify your bags on the baggage carousel, but they’re super helpful if your bags are misplaced. Before you set out for your next trip, check out our dos and don’ts of luggage tags. What to Include: Name … Continue reading The Do’s & Don’ts of Luggage Tags


Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

Effortlessly throw a spectacular dinner party this holiday seas with these helpful tips! Don’t count on word-of-mouth invites. Not only is this bad for factoring in how much food to prepare, but assumption could lead to more or less guest than you were anticipating. Send out personalized invites to friends and family to let them know about your get together. HEre are some of our … Continue reading Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

Photo Napkin Rings

Photo Napkin Rings

Personalized entertaining made easy with FM PhotoShare! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought we’d share an easy DIY table decor for your upcoming dinner.  If you’re looking for festive table decorations, look no further! We’re showing you how to create these awesome DIY photo napkin rings that your guest will love! Not only are they easy to make, but even better for sharing photo … Continue reading Photo Napkin Rings

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Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful. The busy airports, delayed flights, lost luggage… you probably get the point.  FM PhotoShare is here ot give some tips to making your holiday traveling easy and fun! Keep Track of Your Belongings Travel at ease with personalized luggage tags that fits your sense of style. Not only are they great for the entire family, but they … Continue reading Holiday Travel Tips


Halloween Photo Pumpkin Stands

Happy Halloween! The humid days of summer are far behind us, and the crisp, cool days have settled in. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, here is a quick and easy DIY photo decor tha your guest will love, photo pumpkin stands! Hot glue a mini clothespin to a wooden skewer and attach your favorite prints. Gently hammer the skewer to mini pumpkins and display … Continue reading Halloween Photo Pumpkin Stands

Wedding Planning: What They Don’t Tell You

Wedding season will soon be behind us, as the fall-themed wedding are coming to an end. A wedding is a huge life event for anyone. Brides and grooms try to perfect every last detail as best as they can to create the most magical day. But just like life, there are ups and downs. Quite honestly, the best thing one can do it take it with … Continue reading Wedding Planning: What They Don’t Tell You

Planning a Marriage Proposal

Every marriage proposal is different from the other. Some are private, while others are public. Whether you want to recreate one that you’ve read about in romance novels or movies, or just a short, sweet “will you marry me”, we’re here to help give you some advice on finding the perfect way to ask the magic four word question. Here are some tips on how to … Continue reading Planning a Marriage Proposal


How to Take the Best First Day of School Pictures

The first day of school is a special occasion! Document it in a special way with these ‘first day of school’ photo tips! Download our free printable signs to use to capture the best first day of school pictures! Use props with your child’s information (age, grade, favorite food at the moment, what they want to grow up to be) Document their growth from year to year by … Continue reading How to Take the Best First Day of School Pictures