Planning a Marriage Proposal

Every marriage proposal is different from the other. Some are private, while others are public. Whether you want to recreate one that you’ve read about in romance novels or movies, or just a short, sweet “will you marry me”, we’re here to help give you some advice on finding the perfect way to ask the magic four word question. Here are some tips on how to … Continue reading Planning a Marriage Proposal

Backpack Tags

Backpack Tags

School is almost back in session, which means that it’s time to get the kid’s ready for a new school year. One of the first things that any parent should do after buying supplies is label EVERYTHING!  This includes their backpack, lunch bag/lunchboxes, or sports bag! Prevent your little one from losing their valuables with a personalized backpack tag. Here are some suggestions on what … Continue reading Backpack Tags

Kids Canvas Decor

Kids Decor: How to Use Canvas

Looking to liven up your little one’s room with some creative wall decor? Make your kid’s bedroom a fun and cheery room that they will hate to leave. Create a personalized canvas that adds warmth to your kid’s special space with these tips!  Not only is a canvas great for adding colorful accents, but also a personalized touch to your kid’s bedroom. What to put … Continue reading Kids Decor: How to Use Canvas

Photo Centerpiece

Photo Wedding Centerpieces

More and more couples are searching for ways to make their wedding unique and standout from any other. One of our favorite ways to add the right amount of personal touch is with photo. Photo centerpieces are very easy to make and not to mention, budget friendly. They can be a great addition or alternative to the traditional floral centerpieces. Here are some of our … Continue reading Photo Wedding Centerpieces

Graduation Photo Banner

Graduation Banner

Display your grad’s achievement proudly at their upcoming grad party with this easy DIY photo banner! Congrats to the grad! Before your young adult jets out the door to start their college career, celebrate this huge milestone with this DIY photo banner at the grad party! Choose a handful of pictures that highlight your grad’s school year, senior pictures, and a few childhood photos. Hang … Continue reading Graduation Banner

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day Card Designs

This year, surprise Dad, Grandpa, Son, Uncle, or any important men in your life with a heartfelt, personalized photo greeting card that he will treasure for years to come! Skip the generic, pre-made card this year and thank the special men in your life for all that they have done with a custom photo greeting card. Choose from a variety of designs and styles. Can’t … Continue reading Father’s Day Card Designs

Teacher Calendar

National Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day! This day recognized educators for their contribution and dedication to their students and community. Their hard work and diligence mold our kids’ lives in a positive direction for year to come. You are never too old to say ‘thanks’ to your teacher. High school and college student, don’t forget to thank the teachers that have made impact on your life … Continue reading National Teacher Appreciation Day